The world is full of exciting holidays
Have you ever been to a Purim masquerade or an Iftar-evening? Do you know how to celebrate Diwali and Marie Annunciation Day?

With the help of our feast calendar you can keep track of both feasts and fasts. Our calendar is currently only available in Finnish and Swedish.

Our feast calendar has been published every school year since 2015, and is made in collaboration with Fokus ry.

Order a printed Feast calendar
Feast Calendar 2023-2024
The printed calendar for the academic year 2023-2024 is now out!

1-4 calendars 12 € / pc
5-10 calendars 10 € / pc
10-100 calendars 8 € / pc
Shipping fees not included
Check out our online calendar
In our digital feast-calendar, you can read about more than 70 different holidays and learn more about them. There is also educational material with tasks and information as well as thrilling digi-stories with music about several of the feasts in six languages: English, Swedish, Arabic, Finnish, Northern Saami and Russian.