Ad Astra has more than 10 years of experience in the field of dialogue, interfaith-work
and inclusive cultural heritage for children in schools, preschools, and daycares.
We also publish digital and printed material to support families, educators and institutions. Ad Astra's work is made possible thanks to private funders as well as funding from the Finnish State and Municipalities.
Arts and Culture for Children

My Language
Sounds, words and stories in the language of your parents is essential for every child. Therefor we introduce a new pilot-project offering children age 5-10 story-performances with music in their own language. We start with Arabic and will continue with Russian and other languages. Our storyteller and musician will come to your library, school or garden!

Workshops for NGOs
Our workshops for NGOs aims to introduce participants to equity and anti-racism by giving them tools to visualize racist structures both indivdually and institutionally, to further aid them in including anti-racist practices in their work. The workshops are conducted over three interactive 2,5 hour sessions. All workshops are constructed with a combination of storytelling methods and Critical Race Theory (CRT) to highlight real life experience.

Workshop 1: Introduction to Anti/rasism

The aim is for participants to understand the history behind race and racism and be able to identify how racism can be expressed in different contexts.

Workshop 2: Whiteness and Finnishness

The aim is for participants to understand the concept of whiteness and how itäs connected to norms and power. The participants will also practice identifying their own whiteness.

Workshop 3: Anti-racist strategies

The aim is for the participants to reflect on active antiracist strategies within their organizations based on what they have learned during the previous workshops.

Workshops for schools and universities

Introductory workshop in norm critique
This 60 minute workshop is built for high school students. The workshop helps students identify norms in the classroom through interactive exercises and examples. The aim is for the participants to both understand their own position and how it's affected by surrounding norms.

Workshop education in Antiracism for universities/higher educational institutions
This three part education aims to introduce participants to equity and anti-racism by giving them tools to visualize racist structures both indivdually and institutionally, to further aid them in including anti-racist practices in their work at campus. We use storytelling and Critical Race Theory (CRT) as tools to highlight and reflect over real life experiences at the university. All stories used in the workshops are based on real events from different universities and educational institutions in Finland, but rewritten to keep students and institutions anonymous. The workshops are developed in cooperation with PhD Aminkeng Alemanji Atabong

The workshops are conducted over three interactive 2,5 hour sessions:
1. Introduction to Anti-Racism
Central Terminology and a brief history of racism at the University
2. Whiteness and Finnishness
Central Terminology and whiteness and norms at the university
3. Anti-racist Strategies
Anti-racist practices and solutions at the University
Studycircle for youth aged 15-30
Once or twice a year we organize studycircles in dialogue, antiracism and equity for interested youth. The material for the studycircle is chosen according to current themes and debates in society, such as news articles and research papers/texts within the field of CRT (Critical Race Theory). The sessions include interactive discussions and exercises as well as guest lectures.

Equity and Antiracism
Ad Astra works continuously with proactive equity and antiracism both internally and externally. We believe that challenging systemic racism within organizations and institutions is a process that requires concrete tools,
methods and awareness in addition to proactive policy change.
Below you'll find different published material from Ad Astra rf.
Steps Towards Antiracism
We are a team of youth and students from the two organizations: Ad Astra rf. and One Step Ahead ry. (OSA). Together we have created this digital resource on racism and antiracism for anyone and everyone within the university community who wants or needs to learn more about these important topics.
Dialogue, Not Hate - Best practices for Citizen Dialogue
E-Book: 2022
12 European organisations, Ad Astra, Coexister, Connecting Actions, Faiths in Tunes, Fryshuset, G3i, GIP78, JUMA, the Muslim Jewish Conference, Sharing Perspectives Foundation, The Upper Room, and United Religions Initiatives, contributed to this book to share some of their concepts, tools and projects around citizen, intercultural, interfaith and interconvictional dialogue.

Dive in to know more about this diversity of approaches.

Our methods
We host workshops, storytelling events, feasts, educations, and exhibitions as well as create digi-tales, and publications.
Our work is shaped around and with storytelling, tales, music, drama, dance and visual arts.
We believe that arts and culture can make people come together, share, enjoy and learn.
We want to offer children and youth a chance to explore arts and cultures and take part in cultural heritage of many types.

Dialogue is a value and our way to communicate. Dialogue is a field where expertise is needed, and we are continuously in contact with our partners in the European Institute for Dialogue to improve and learn more.
Education is central to our organization, both when it comes to educating ourselves and others. In our workshops we use tools such as storytelling backed up by theoretical concepts and academic research. Through education we promote antiracism, equity and dialogue.