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Our TFF-program concerns peace-education, interfaith dialogue and story-telling. Young persons aged 15-30 with various religious/cultural backgrounds get trained in dialogue and personal story telling. We work in close cooperation with Tillsammans för Sverige at Fryshuset in Stockholm.

TFF aims at interfaith guidance and education and we stand up against xenophobia, racism and extremism. We base our work on human rights and we show that religion can be a way into integration and empowering strength for young people towards peace and mutual understanding. TFF also provides
young interfaith story-tellers to schools.

The mission:

- To create a common platform where young people from different backgrounds can come together.
- To achieve a deeper understanding of "the other" and eliminate misconceptions and prejudices between people in society.
- To provide support and guidance to young people who want to deepen their faith and use them as a growing power in the work for peace and understanding.
- To discuss and create an understanding of gender issues in religion.
- To initiate cooperation with various organisations and communities around issues of diversity, democracy and coexistence.
- To create an in-depth and nuanced discussion in the media about religions.

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