Together for Finland
About TFF
Together for Finland is a group of young storytellers from different religious, cultural and racial backgrounds. We want to provide tools for a much-needed dialogue on faith, responsibility, power and alliance. The workshop programs is suitable for primary schools, upper secondary schools and universities. Additionally, we organize events with cooking, arts, music, education, movie screenings, parties, trips and more!

The TFF-project is based at Ad Astra in Luckan, Helsinki. TFF is inspired by Faith Forum in London, and our sister organisations are Tillsammans För Sverige (Sweden) and Sammen for Norge (Norway). We also work on a European level, being part of the European Institute for Dialogue, and Anna Lindh foundation, ODIHR/OSCE, and actively participating in seminars and network meetings.

Every person is a rich collection of stories. Yet, very often we get to hear only one. When some remain untold, we miss out on an opportunity to understand each other, ourselves and the world on a deeper level. That is why our experienced storytellers go out to tell their personal stories with a goal to build a humane Finland where a variety of stories are heard.
Our Members
TFF is a storytelling project created for young people by young people. The TFF team consists of storytellers from various cultural and religious backgrounds, who want to create space for dialogue about faith, identity, social norms and what it is like to belong or not belong.
Our Mission
To create a common platform with safe space where young people with different backgrounds and faith can come together to eliminate prejudices between people in society.
To provide support and guidance to young people who want to deepen their faith and use them as a growing power in the work for peace and understanding.
To initiate cooperation with various organizations and communities around issues of diversity, democracy and coexistence.
Our story
The project has been ongoing since 2015. We've put together some of the main moments, achievements and highlights about our work to be able to look back at our history and how far TFF has come.
Workshops for schools
Educational workshops for youngs of 13-18 years old. With the help of storytelling we'll discuss possible acts of racism and discrimination, prejudices and socially accepted patterns. The real stories you might never hear make you more aware of the problem and special educational method gives an incredible learning experience.
Food sharing and stories
Food & Stories is a set of meetings where guests along with TFF members can cook delicious food, listen to personal stories and also learn something new about religious holidays and cultural traditions. One of the most memorable meetings was Iftar during Ramadan and Hindu spring feast of colors Holi.
Storytelling trainings
Once a year we conduct educational training for young people who are willing to join our organization. Withing few days we practice storytelling, discuss the meaning of religion and traditions in our everyday life. We also learn how to make a personal story and what is more important how to hear and to be heard.
Feedback from teachers
"Ensinnäkin, kiitos valtavasti vierailusta! Opiskelijoiden palaute oli valtaosin myönteistä, ja he tuntuivat saaneen vierailusta paljon irti. .... Muutoin minulla onkin vain positiivista sanottavaa, olitte hyvin ystävällisiä ja toitte esiin kiinnostavia teemoja. Ottaisin teidän ryhmänne mieluusti vastaan meille jatkossakin.."

Hämeenlinnan lyseon lukio
Joona Lehtinen
"Vi var väldigt imponerade av era ungdomars förträffliga färdigheter, att umgås med elever från 6. till 9. klasser. De hade adapterat innehållet motsvarande elevernas ålder. Eleverna var väldigt entusiastiska och deltog aktivt i olika verksamhetsformer. Hela 90 minuter innehöll passligt varierande övningar och jag tycker, att eleverna vågade öppna sig på ett fint sätt. Handledarna uppfyllde sina plikter samvetsgrant. Alltså ett stort tack tilla alla."
Suomalias-venäläinen koulu
Matti Vähä-Ettala
"Rekommenderas varmt!
Ungdomarna uppskattade möjligheten att diskutera kravlöst, ställa frågor, bolla sina tankar med varandra och med gästerna från AdAstra. Den goda stämningen fanns kvar även lektionerna därpå."
Borgå gymnasium
Clara Nordman
"It was very interesting to follow the workshop-leaders from TFF throughout the dialogue. Engaging methods were used. making participants to get know each other. The TFFrs showed that sharing is important, and all participants were involved in creating mutual rules for the dialogue. When the TFF-rs told their stories about their own experiences, there was a complete silence in the room. The stories were touching, and afterwards all participants were discussing them in small groups. Following all this, I was reminded about how important it is for youth to get the chance to share experiences and thoughts about religious and cultural identity, and how important it is to have common, agreed concepts to start from..."
Teachers from Helsinki
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