Ad Astra and Finland 100

Would you like to see amazing feast tables and feast festival photos? Would you like to take a tour around a tree, make a present to an unknown friend or listen to feast fairy tales and festival stories?  If you say yes, our exhibition at Annantalo is the very place for you. Our exhibition will open at Kanteletalo in Porvoo in January.

People in Porvoo celebrate a number of holidays during the year, such as Purim, Eid, Nouruz, Christmas, St. Lucia Day… Add to this the birthdays of all your friends and acquaintances, and suddenly every day of the year is a special occasion!

At the exhibition, visitors can...

See how the table is set for a holiday meal in different cultures... Admire the pictures of Eid, Purim and other festivities made by schoolchildren...  Decorate a branch of the Magic Tree... Ride the Calendar Tree carousel... Create a new star and place it in the sky... Mark your own birthday on the wall calendar ...

During the spring, cultural celebrations will be arranged.

The exhibition is a part of Finland 100 and is made in cooperation with the visual artist Alexander Reichstein and photographer Andrej Scherbakov-Parland. The exhibition is supported by the Swedish Cultural Foundation.